Master of Business Administration with knowledge of Two Languages + In-company Internship

The objective of this MBA is to empower every student with strong leadership skills in an international and multicultural context. Students will acquire knowledge and competencies about general management and administration, consulting, as well as company evaluation, hereby being able to apply their acquired skills in real life situations. This MBA program is aimed at international and Spanish university graduates from a variety of academic backgrounds such as law, communication, engineering, health or nutrition, arts and humanities, who wish to gain advanced knowledge in the field of business administration, assessment and consulting as well as general management, strategy formation and capacity planning.
The main teaching language is English. The study plan includes a 240 hours module to study a foreign language to choose from Spanish for foreigners, French or Russian. The theoretical part takes place in our school located in Barcelona center or in the town center of Lloret de Mar, Spain.

During the MBA, each student will have the opportunity to actively engage in the business world by means of an in-company internship. With a minimum of 240 hours of practical work, the compulsory internship will contribute positively to the studentsí experience and professional profile.

This program will provide you theoretical, linguistic and practical skills.
Instruction is in the form of lectures, seminars, workshops, videoconference classes, cases and individual assignments. Examination is in the form of written exams, individual and group assignments and workshop exercises.
All foreign students have to do a Spanish language preparation module to take one of the official state exams of Spanish for Foreigners, DELE or SIELE, of the correspondent  A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 levels.  HTL International School is an accredited DELE & SIELE examination center of the Instituto Cervantes.

  Program Details


Theoretical part In class
Practical part In company internship
Campus location

Barcelona, Spain
Lloret de Mar, Spain

Language of instruction: English

Second language:
Spanish for foreigners, French or Russian

6 month theoretical studies
3 month internship

Intakes: October, January, April, July
Timetable: mornings or evenings
Load hours: 72 ECTS

Enrolment fee: 200 euros
Tuition fee: 3.000 euros
or installment payments of
550 euros x 6 months (only for non-visa students)

On successfully completing this Professional Program of Study you will:
1. Be awarded the
- Master Degree in Business Administration
- DELE Diploma or SIELE Global (Spanish Language for Foreigners official diplomas) or
- French/Russian Language Level Certificate

2. Have attained an accredited qualification for managerial and supervisory levels showing you possess competence in professional work activities.

3. Have attained a professional qualification equated to the International studies framework as a  Master Degree and Programa Máster according to the Spanish National framework.


The HTL MBA concentrates on helping you prepare for general management and executive leadership roles in business spheres. Itís about real-world learning that combines traditional classroom teaching with case studies and teamwork to develop management skills, encourage critical thinking and sharpen your decision-making ability.
The team-based activities hone negotiation skills and emphasize the importance of working together co-operatively. Creativity and entrepreneurship are qualities that we are committed to encouraging.

Learning goals and associated learning outcomes for the MBA:

1. Knowledge: Our graduates will have current disciplinary or interdisciplinary knowledge applicable in local and global contexts. Students should be able to identify and apply current knowledge of disciplinary or interdisciplinary theory and professional practice to business in local and global environments.

2. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Our graduates will have critical thinking and problem solving skills applicable to business and management practice or issues. Students should be able to identify, research and analyze complex issues and problems in business and/or management, and propose appropriate and well-justified solutions.

3. Communication: Our graduates will be effective communicators in professional contexts. Students should be able to produce written documents that communicate complex disciplinary ideas and information effectively for the intended audience and purpose. Students should be able to produce oral presentations that communicate complex disciplinary ideas and information effectively for the intended audience and purpose.

4. Teamwork: Our graduates will be effective team participants. Students should be able to participate collaboratively and responsibly in teams, and reflect on your own teamwork, and on the teamís processes and ability to achieve outcomes.

5. Ethical, social and environmental responsibility: Our graduates will be aware of ethical, social, cultural and environmental implications of business issues and practice.

6. Leadership: Our graduates will have an understanding of effective leadership. Students should be able to reflect upon their own personal leadership style and on the leadership needs of business and of teams.

Career Paths

An MBA is extremely versatile and valuable, and will allow you to pivot in many different directions depending on your career aspirations, skills, and interests. Let's take a look at just a few of the career paths and job opportunities open to you following graduation:
1. Management Consultant

A management consultant's job is to advise companies on their management practices and identify problems within the organization that may be holding the company back from reaching their goals. Many management consultants are self-employed, while others work for large firms. According to the Institute of Management Consultants, about 27% of consultants are self-employed. This is an ideal arrangement for many MBAs: a flexible career path with high earning potential.
2. Marketing Manager
Marketing managers oversee the planning and execution of a multifaceted marketing plan to help their companies grow. They set budgets, plan marketing campaigns, and manage staff on the marketing team to conduct market research, launch marketing campaigns, and analyze the data collected from each campaign to make improvements. Their goal is to create more brand awareness and bring in sales. Marketing managers must be knowledgeable about many different types of marketing approaches and also be skilled at leading a diverse team.
3. Investment Banker
Investment bankers help companies invest and grow their capital through shrewd purchasing of equity and debt. They also provide advice and assistance during financial transitions such as acquisitions and mergers. Bankers are responsible for ensuring all pertinent paperwork is in order and that all government regulations are followed during any and all transactions
4. Operations Manager
An operations manager is sort of a company's jack-of-all-trades. He or she oversees daily operations, purchasing, inventory, coordination between departments, and policy creation. Responsibilities may also include hiring employees and negotiating contracts. However, this job will vary depending on the organization and expectations of the CEO. Therefore, this position requires a great deal of flexibility and multitasking
5. Financial Advisor
Financial advisors cater to the individual rather than businesses, and play a key role in helping families plan for retirement, invest in their children's education, and build individual wealth. A financial advisor looks out for their clients' best interests by suggesting good investment opportunities and creating realistic long-term plans. This is an excellent career path for MBAs who have a desire to help others become financially savvy.

Curriculum. Load hours 72 ECTS

Module I. Economic and Legal Environment

Module II. Accounting and Finance

Module III. Trade Management and Marketing

Module IV. Human Resources Management

Module V. Business Strategies

Module VI
. Customer Service and Communication skills

Module VII. Business Organization

Module VIII. Foreign Language Intensive Course
- Official DELE exam of Spanish for Foreigners preparation module

- General French or Russian Language according the initial entrance level

Module IX.
Spanish/French/Russian Language for the Tourism Sector

Module X. Final Project

         Project design

         Research tools

         Personal reflection

         Appropriate questionnaire designs

         Conducting academic research, literature search and review

         Developing a research question, hypothesis and methodology

         Managing a research project

Module VII. Internship (a minimum of 3 month)
*One academic hour: 45 minutes

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