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Internship description

After the theoretical part of the courses is finished, all students are invited to do an internship. We recommend to join our internship for  a minimum of 3 months. HTL International School has signed a huge variety of educational agreements with different hotel chains, companies and travel operators nationally ,mainland and islands.  It is also possible to do an internship during the study period. According to Spanish law, it is possible to do a part time (20 h/week) or full time (40 h/week) internship during the study period. Normally, the companies provide some grant, its quantity depends on the company policy regarding the interns.  Some of the internship positions are published on our Facebook page
In case you have a company interested in you as an intern, please contact us to sign the internship agreement with your company in order they can arrange  an internship contract for you and pay the correspondent taxes.

Events description

HTL International School is an official staff provider for different international Events Management organizations located all over the world. Normally, we are asked for students that speak different foreign languages to assist as interns in corporative events organized in Spain. These events may be short (1 week) or long (2 months), for example, a car racing event for distributors from all over the world was organizedby the Lexus Car Company and Deeper Blue Events Management Company. All students are invited to take an interview with our events manager and become an event assistant.  

Jobs & Current offers

HTL International School is working together with different talent acquisition companies, recruitment agencies and hiring companies all over the world. We are asked for recently graduated students to become part of professional teams in new developing countries like China, Russia and also very rich countries like Dubai and Qatar, and also for old Europe and  new America.

Internship Placement Guidelines

The benefits of an internship cannot be stressed enough. Data shows that graduates who have internship experience get jobs quicker and at a higher average salary than those without. Through an internship, you will gain a better perspective of the resort and hospitality industry. An internship will give you a greater sense of confidence in your abilities and conviction in your chosen profession and provide you with personal and professional benefits that cannot be gained in the classroom.

While the internship is a great learning experience, so is the process of obtaining one. Please review the following guidelines to assist you with internship placement:

- Plan on completing your internship experience during the fall or winter semester.  Do not plan on completing an internship in the winter months in the Costa Brava. This is due to the seasonal nature of this area.  Many local facilities reduce staffing levels and cut back work hours for year-round employees’ hours during the winter and the number of positions available for interns decreases.

- Be flexible and open minded about where you want to work. Work at an internship site that is committed to mentoring you and to helping you learn and grow. Do not automatically assume that a big name facility equates to a quality learning experience. Be aware of the experience that can be gained by working at a lesser known property with good management and systems in place.   

- Have an excellent cover letter and resume. Ask  the Head of Studies for advice and come up with an appealing introduction about yourself. You can also check the EuroPass page here.

- Plan your interview outfit. An employer is not expecting you to wear branded and expensive clothes but take the time to think about what might cause a good impression following the standards of the environment where you are going to work. Don't take the risk of being misjudged in your first interview.

- Be very prepared for interviews. Employers are seeking enthusiastic, bright and motivated students to fill internship positions, and don’t expect you to have previous experience. Thus, in interviews, your ability to communicate these qualities including your background, skills, talents, and willingness to work hard and do a good job is key.

- Make a great impression with all that you do in the program.  The following questions will help you to structure an interview when applying for an internship position. Answers would help you to give employers general information about your commitments and targets.

o       Do I attend and actively participate in class?

o       Do I dress professionally?

o       Do I treat your fellow students and professors with respect?

o       Am I friendly, positive and outgoing?

o       Do I complete my assignments in a timely and thoughtful manner?

o       Have I given faculty and staff sufficient notice?

- Start early with the process!  Most properties are putting together their staffing plans for the season in October. Inquiries for placement need to start as early as possible.

Keys For A Successful Internship Experience:

- Arrive on time for work. Always plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early for your shift. 

- Dress for success.  Your clothing should always be pressed.  Your shoes should be shined.  
- Read your facility’s Policies and Procedures Manual.

- Bring a positive “can do” attitude to your workplace.  Volunteer to do more than what is asked of you.   If you have some idle time, fold towels, dust fixtures, reorganize, etc. Your positive outlook, extra effort and enthusiasm will not go unnoticed.

- Introduce yourself to all members of the team.  This includes people outside your immediate area such as the sales director, the chef, the accountant etc.   Ask them questions about themselves and what they do.  The relationships you form will make your current experience more rewarding and will be invaluable to your career further down the road.

- Meet all of the requirements of your internship in a timely manner.  Before you go on your internship, you should be aware of all due dates for monthly check-ins and the final report deadline.  You are responsible not only for your own assignments, but also for making sure your supervisor turns in the internship agreement and evaluation on time. 


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